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Using Tiny Url

This week I have become a late converter to Tiny URL. This website allows you to take a link to a website and convert it into a shorter verision. I am finding this really helpful when I am writing follow up resource guides. I have often put web links into these documents and if participants use the documents on line this is not a problem, they just click on the link. However people often print off the material to follow up later at home and then the really long link becomes a barrier to people following the material. By using Tiny Url I can now eliminate this problem. It means that this link to the BBC Personality Test becomes a much easier

I have also discovered the TinyCC site which does the same activity as Tiny Url but allows you to track activity on your shorten web link, which could be really helpful if you have designed a link for a group of participants on a learning programme, you can access which of the materials seems to have generated most interest. The tinycc link to the personality test is here the fact that you can review use is very helpful to me but I have had more problems getting the link to work than with tinyurl.

Another similar site is Notify url, this does the shortening aspect and will send you an email when the first person clicks on the link which is helpful if you are sending information to one person, perhaps someone you are coaching.

Learning Technologist – Finding TED

I discovered TED about 2 years ago and it is an amazing source for people who want to learn about leadership. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and is an invite only event where some of the world’s most influential people give talks on a variety of themes.

The first level I use TED for is to recommend particular topics to individuals who are exploring different leadership skills. A current example is the talk by John Wooden talking about coaching. He is reflecting on a life time of coaching in the sports environment and there are some great insights which could be relevant to a manager wanting to be a more effective coach.

The second level is to look at a variety of speakers on TED and identify what they do to make their presentations effective and how they influence the audience. What techniques do they use? How do they seek to influence their peers to their viewpoint at the conference. An example is the talk by Captain Charles Moore about the impact of waste on the oceans. He is not the most entertaining of speakers but he has some great examples of how he has influenced people to think about the impact of waste on oceans.

The talks on TED are about 20 minutes so it is realistic for individuals to make the time to watch one, reflect on it and then report back in the next learning session about their insights.

The third way to use the TED site is to browse through the site and see the themes which are emerging as core issues for our times, this can be a helpful way of identifying current and maybe future trends. I use this when working with leadership teams on innovation and creativity, just asking them to click and browse and report back findings can be the basis of a really interesting session.

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