78240167ac75224e38d2a6bbe901c49fBellthompson is my company and when you make contact it will be me that you will speak to. I will work with you on your chosen project. This means you will always be working with someone who has vast experience of learning and development programmes and who will seek to understand your exact requirements. I am a chartered member of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and I tutor on their programmes so my work is based on sound professional practice.

I will work with you to design something that is unique and appropriate for your situation. I often work alongside your in-house trainers or subject experts eg compliance managers so that your content is delivered in a way that will be engaging and will ensure that the learning is transferred back into the workplace.

This is the essense of Real Life Learning, it is not about make believe case studies or role plays but is about real situations that your employees face and using these situations to plan ways of handling these situations in the future.

People who have worked with me rate me for my personable approach which means that I can able to effectively communicate often challenging feedback to highly experienced professional staff. They appreciate my down to earth approach which combines with my creative design skills to create training programmes which make a difference.

Pricing and Way of Working

When you are buying training you need to know what ball park the provider is in, otherwise you will waste your time having conversations with people who are outside of your budget. Having been an in house training manager for many years I recognise that this can be a real issue. I offer a clear pricing structure of £1200 a day as a starting point, this is for the delivery costs of a programme.

If this figure is around your budget level then it is always possible to negotiate based on number of days, amount of adaptation you want, whether you want follow up sessions or coaching to embed the learning, and other options.

It is not the cheapest offer you will find on the web, and this may mean it is out of your budget . What the cost covers is an experienced, qualified trainer who will deliver engaging and effective training sessions and can work with you to make sure that the changes you want to implement will happen.

Design and Set Up Costs:

Once a programme is designed I can roll it out to others in your organisation for the agreed delivery rate. Working in a consultative manner with you means that the material will be fresh and relevant to your organisation with links to contemporary on line resources which are appropriate for your people. The design of each programme will vary depending on how much you want me to adapt existing materials. The design costs will cover:

  • Consultative meetings/phone calls and emails to agree a programme design to suit you and to review how the programme is going.
  • Development of materials for your organisations
  • Design of workbooks, workshop materials, work tasks and assessments which are for your organisation. You can take the slides and workbooks and reuse them with no additional charge.

Group Size

The standard course programme is based on groups of up to 8-10 participants. This maximises the amount of participation and enables feedback to be provided during practical activities.