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This week I have become a late converter to Tiny URL. This website allows you to take a link to a website and convert it into a shorter verision. I am finding this really helpful when I am writing follow up resource guides. I have often put web links into these documents and if participants use the documents on line this is not a problem, they just click on the link. However people often print off the material to follow up later at home and then the really long link becomes a barrier to people following the material. By using Tiny Url I can now eliminate this problem. It means that this link to the BBC Personality Test becomes a much easier

I have also discovered the TinyCC site which does the same activity as Tiny Url but allows you to track activity on your shorten web link, which could be really helpful if you have designed a link for a group of participants on a learning programme, you can access which of the materials seems to have generated most interest. The tinycc link to the personality test is here the fact that you can review use is very helpful to me but I have had more problems getting the link to work than with tinyurl.

Another similar site is Notify url, this does the shortening aspect and will send you an email when the first person clicks on the link which is helpful if you are sending information to one person, perhaps someone you are coaching.

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